Our Covid-19 Statement

Updated as of the 20th of May

In the UK there has been an update regarding the situation and now we are able to announce we are offering my photo sessions in the local Sheffield area, so as long as they are outdoors.

These sessions are extremely low risk in terms of human to human contact as there is no physical human contact. We can assure customers that we take health and safety seriously, and when you book we can go through the plan for the shoot.

For your safety and our own, we have written the following guidelines that we will adhere to until further notice. These have been written and adapted from the goverment website, which you can check here

  • No human physical contact will take place between us and any client,

  • We will keep our distance (2 metres apart where possible),

  • Before any shoot takes place, we will take our temperature to make sure we are not suffering from any fever. This needs to be below 37.8,

  • We will wash our hands and carry hand sanitizer,

  • Our equipment is cleaned regularly between sessions,

  • If our client is considered vulnerable, we will suggest that they arrange a session after the covid-19 pandemic,

  • We can wear face masks during our session should the client deem this essential,

  • If we suffer from any symptoms, or if our fever is above 37.8, we will rearrange accordingly. Should this not be possible, a full refund will be given.

If you would like to book a photo shoot then please get in contact with us here


Best wishes

Alistair and Gabriela