1. What is your booking process?

  2. How Much is the Deposit? When is the Remaining Balance Due?

  3. What methods of payment do you take?

  4. Can we cancel our booking at any time? 

  5. Are There Any Additional Costs?

  6. Are you insured?


  1. How long do you film for? / What time do you start and finish on our wedding day?

  2. Do you require a meal on the day?

  3. Is it possible to film everyone at the wedding ceremony and reception?

  4. What happens if you are ill on the day?

  5. If I want to be filmed in a salon while getting ready, how do I arrange this?

  6. How do you work alongside the photographer?

  7. How Many Camera People and Cameras Will be Operating?

  8. What Parts of the Day Will You Capture?


  1. How and when will I receive my video?

  2. Can we choose the music for our film?

  3. Is editing included?

  4. Can we make changes to the final video?

  5. Can we buy the raw footage?

  6. How long do you keep our videos on file?




1. What is your Booking Process?

We will check that your date is available before issuing you with an official quote on headed paper, confirming your package and pricing, including any optional extras. If you are happy with the quote, we'll send you our booking form which will ask basic details, such as ceremony and reception address, and basic contact information. Once this form is completed by you, we will then request a non-refundable booking fee as a deposit to secure your big day!

2. How Much is the Deposit? When is the Remaining Balance Due?

We request a 20% booking deposit of your total agreed price, which isn't taken until contracts are signed and dates are confirmed. The final balance isn't due until 4 weeks until your big day. If in the instance you book last minute with less than 4 weeks to go, full payment is due at the time of booking.

3. What Methods of Payment Do You take?

We accept Bank Transfer, and also Debit/Credit cards using a secure online payment system called Stripe.

4. Can We Cancel our Booking At Any Time?

Your contract is secured with a 20% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. From then onward, you reserve the right to terminate the contract for any reason for up to 4 weeks before the wedding. Should this happen, all money paid minus the deposit will be refunded within 28 days. If you terminate the contract less than 4 weeks before the wedding date, the full payment is due. To read our full Refund and Cancellation Policy, click here,


5. Are There Any Additional Costs?

Not for everyone! We charge a standard £100 for travel/accommodation for locations outside our 2 hour travel radius from S35, Sheffield. This charge will be confirmed with you on the quote, before requesting a deposit payment. If your wedding is within the 2 hour radius, you will not be charged. Other charges may include a £75 an hour overtime fee, only if we work 59 minutes over the allocated filming time dictated by your chosen package. This will be invoiced to you before returning the completed wedding film.

6. Are You Insured?

Yes, we have Public Liability insurance and all our equipment is insured. Happy to send the certificate to your venue or any other suppliers who may need to see it.


1. How Long Do You Film For? / What Time Do You Start and Finish on our Wedding Day?

The length of time we film for is dictated by your chosen package. This will vary from 5 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours or up until after your first dance! However, our start time is chosen by you, and we will work from there. We recommend not starting too early, as you and your bridesmaids may feel more comfortable having had breakfast, a little makeup and less blurry eyed! An example for a 10 hour day would be start time of 10am to get bridal prep, and finishing at 8pm after the first dance.You choose our start time and we’ll run from there!

2. Do You Require a Meal On The Day?

A meal isn't required by us, as we understand that you may have space and budget limitations and we want you to put your guests first! However, if there is a meal going, we will gladly say "yes please!" as it means we don't have to rush off to grab food. We simply ask that if a meal isn't provided,to let us know as soon as you can so we can prepare and plan in advance.

3. Is it Possible to Film Everyone at the Wedding Ceremony and Reception?

No, it is impossible to guarantee that everyone will be filmed. As a general rule with our videos, we focus solely on the bride and groom, and those who interact with them. If you want to make sure that a specific family member is filmed though, let us know before the wedding so we can identify who they are on the day!

4. What Happens if You Are Ill on the Day?

We would have to be extremely ill to not be able to film on the day, as it hasn't happened so far and is highly unlikely (Gabriela worked until she was 8 months pregnant in 2019!). Should it happen though, as there are two of us, one of us would still film your day as normal. If your package includes two videographers, we would arrange for a second videographer that we know and trust to be a second shooter. In the worst case scenario, if we could not film your wedding in any way or find anyone to cover, we would refund all monies paid as soon as possible. We would hate for that to happen though, so we will do our very best and everything in our power to avoid that from happening! 

5. If I Want to be Filmed in a Salon While Getting Ready, How do I Arrange This?

Just tell us what time your appointment is and we’ll be there! However, it is always a good idea to check in advance to see if they will allow you to take photographs/videos in their building. 


6. How Do You Work Alongside the Photographer?

We do our best to work together with the photographer, as we will both be trying to capture the same moments and need to avoid getting in each other's way! So, we will normally ask you who your photographer is, and we will drop them a message to introduce ourselves before the day if we haven't worked with them before. If you don't have a photographer, we will also be able to recommend someone we've worked with and trust to capture your big day.

7. How Many Videographers and what cameras will be operating?

Depending on your package, you will have 1 or 2 videographers capturing your day. Either way, we will have a minimum of two cameras, which are small mirror-less cameras, but powerful nonetheless. Gone are the days of over-sized news reporter style cameras, as the industry has moved to discrete filming.

8. What Parts of the Day Will You Capture?

This totally depends on your package and the hours we will be at your wedding. We try and capture as much as possible such as bridal prep, the ceremony, speeches, bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc, but how much of this included in your film is dictated by the length of your video of your chosen package. For example, some packages only include highlights which would be the best snippets put together, whereas some include separate videos of the full ceremony and full speeches. You can also purchase the optional add-on of the raw footage, in which we will hand over all videos captured on the day, including unseen footage that didn't make the final cut!



1. How and When Will I Receive my Video?

Completion and delivery normally takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks. When the film is finished, we will inform you that your video is complete and either send via online link or via USB depending on your chosen package. During prime wedding season we can get a bit of a backlog of edits but we NEVER outsource the editing which is why it can take up to 8 weeks.

2. Can We Choose the Music for our Film?

We understand that songs can be very personal and mean a lot to couples, so if you have your heart set on using certain songs, the short answer is yes, you can- but music copyright is complicated. The long answer is yes, but we will need to arrange a limited manufacture license for your film, as its being commercially made, and we cannot distribute a copy of the video publicly online. This license is also considered an optional upgrade, and so it incurs an additional cost of £40.

If you don't have a specific song in mind, we will carefully choose a song that will help us craft an epic film that truly encapsulates your day. This is chosen from an online library containing thousands of licensed songs we are subscribed to. and can be used for online distribution without any extra costs.

3. Is Editing Included?

Yes, we will edit the video until we are satisfied that it represents your day and our company. Editing takes hours, as it includes uploading, arranging and trimming clips, colour adjusting and exporting time, but this is all included in the price.

4. Can We Make Changes to Final Video?

We allow changes to the final video only if mistakes were made on G&A Media’s part. Such mistake include misspellings and other changes, which were discussed with us ahead of time. Other changes to the final video can be made, but there will be a charge per hour to do so. Changes to the final video after final delivery, are billed at a rate of £45 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours charged. These charges are not meant to be a deterrent, but changes to the final video that were not discussed with us ahead of time still take a great deal of additional editing time and excess materials.

5. Can We Buy the Raw Footage?

Yes, we do sell the raw/unedited footage as an optional upgrade. The cost is £250, which will include hours of unedited content, with no colour correcting or music. This can either be purchased when booking, or at a later date after the wedding.

6. How Long Do You Keep Your Videos on File?

We keep raw footage on file for 12 months after you have received your wedding video. We keep a master copy of your video on hand for two years after your wedding date. After that time period, we cannot guarantee that we will have a copy of your video.


We hope that that this has answered some of your questions.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here,

please do fill out a contact form.

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