Having your wedding recorded to re-watch time and time again is a great investment.

Special moments simply can’t be caught to the same effect in a photo.

Our FOUR packages have been developed and refined to give couples our best quality Wedding films, whatever their budget. Upgrades are also available as add-ons, but our top packages have been designed to help you get the most value for money.


For 2019-2020 Weddings*

Half Day Coverage

5 Hours of Filming Time

3-4 Minute Highlight Video

Ceremony in FULL

1 Videographer

Online Delivery


Full Day Coverage

Filming from Bride Prep to First Dance

1 Minute Cinematic Teaser Trailer

Extended 30min+ Highlight Video

Ceremony in FULL

Speeches in FULL

2 Videographers

Drone Footage

Personalised Engraved USB delivery 


Full Day Coverage

10 Hours of Filming Time

13-15 Minute Highlight Video

Ceremony in FULL

Speeches in FULL

1 Videographer

Online Delivery


Full Day Coverage

8 Hours of Filming Time

8-10 Minute Highlight Video

1 Videographer

Online Delivery


*For 2021 Bookings, there will be a 10% increase on the total to account for annual price increases









1 Minute Social Media Teaser Trailer - add £45

1 minute cinematic trailer delivered to you 7 days after the wedding day including some of the best bits. The video can either be a square Instagram Video or a 16:9 Facebook video.

Luxury USB Delivery - add £40

Receive your films on a personalized engraved USB with your names and wedding date, presented in a unique box with luxury goodies. The USB can be played directly on computers, laptops and TVs without the need for internet connection.

Guest Messages - add £90

Create a video guestbook full of recorded messages from your loved ones at your reception. This will create a unique video that you can look back on years later! Want to see an example? Click here


Raw Footage - add £250

Do you want a copy of every clip that didn’t make the cut? This option gives you all the footage, including footage not used, in its raw form- this means, unedited, original audio and as a series of mp4 files. Typically, you’d probably get an additional 60 minutes of viewing time, of things not seen in the film.

Music License - add £40

Do you want your own choice of music on the film? We understand how personal and important that may be, and so we can source a Limited Manufacture License to add your favorite songs to an private version of your film! This means you can choose any songs you like, and your film will be licensed for private viewing offline.


Extra Hours Coverage - add  £75 an hour

Need us around that little bit longer at the beginning or end? No problem. This add-on is ideal for weddings that have a lot of action going on. Dances? Fireworks? Special Surprise? Don’t miss a moment and get everything you need covered!

NEW 360° Photos - add £175

Jump straight back into your memories with ten fully Interactive 360° images, that are great for looking around the venue again or at all your guests’ reactions at once! Using our new VR camera, you’ll get ten 360° photos, professionally colour corrected and formatted for VR and 360° social media viewing. VR headset not necessary.

NEW Ceremony or Speeches in VR/360° - add £500 each or COMBO for £750

Experience the Ceremony or Speeches from the perspective of your family and relive your special day with a fully immersive 360° video. See yourself walk up the aisle, the reactions during speeches, look around the venue again, or just get lost in the memories of the day. Note this is an add-on and cannot be interchanged with elements of your chosen package. VR headset not necessary as it’s also a 360° film uploaded to Facebook and Youtube.

Aerial Drone Footage - add £300

Get amazing flyovers of your locations, which really improves the quality of your video and sets you apart from the rest! We are fully trained, CAA Licensed and Insured to operate drones professionally. Note that this service can be subject to weather conditions and venue restrictions.

Extra Videographer - add £400
Don’t miss a moment, and get all the angles covered with an extra professional videographer.

Social Media Trailer Example

Luxury USB Delivery Example

Guest Book Video Example

Drone Video Examples

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