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You need to avoid these 10 Wedding Dresses

Non-traditional? Sure! Unique? Even better! A veil that your entire Wedding guests need to help you carry? Maybe a little overkill. Every Bride wants to make a statement, but when that statement "what the hell were you thinking?" you might want to choose dress number 2. Check out these dresses and decide for yourself if you could wear them...

1. The "Please don't hug me"

We have so many questions. Does she squeak when she walks up the aisle? Did the groom wear a matching baloon suit? Will she float if you added helium? I guess we'll never know...

2. The "All aboard! Choo-choo veil"

Ever wanted to feel so extra? Make your guests feel both important and dominated with this extendable veil. Who even makes these??

3. The "Winter Wonder-nope"

If this was 2001 mayyybe she'd just get away with it. Just. You just know they are wearing blue mascara and body glitter.

4. The "Rags to Riches"

Sorry miss, my dog ate my wedding dress

4. The "Petticoats are overpriced"

Again with the baloons! Although with more taste than Looney Baloony earlier- just nope.

5. The "Cotton Bud"

Just roll on the floor... just a little to the left... a little more... ok thanks, the mark has gone.

6. The "Trashy Dress"

This is actually impressive, she's in a classroom so it's probably her art project. If not, we are very confused... and disturbed.

7. The "Toilet Roll Holder"

Anyone else's grandma have one of these? How big is that loo roll underneath her?

8. The "Just in case you couldn't tell"

What we love more about this is her expression of utter excitement

9. The "Nice to meet you, grandma"

Is this a real wedding? Are there guests at this wedding? Has she met the parents? So many questions...

10. The "Camo over here"

Don't stand there too long, the train driver might not see you. The shades to match just top off this look.

BONUS: the "Tampon"

Looks incredibly warm though, don't you think?

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